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I truly could never thank this woman enough @drsarazare at @radianthealthsf you are truly my angel.

June I came in after months of not being able to get out of bed. I would try to work out and afterwards would need a two hour nap.

Then the scariest of all was waking up to having blurred vision all day. Then the next day being ok to the next day blurred vision all day. That will make you f-ing crazy let me tell you.

I assumed this was it this is what they talked about- when you start a business from nothing eventually you kinda fall over. I have hit exhaustion. Oh but I was so wrong.

Dr Zare took one look at me and ordered a full blood panel. Flagging an autoimmune disease more tests were ordered. Oh it wasn’t an autoimmune disease.

My flight or fight hormone was at a 1400 should be around a 30 and my cortisol was through the roof. Then I tested positive for SIBO….yes go ahead and ask wtf is SIBO

SIBO is when you have to much bacteria in your small intensities so your body can’t get any nutrients.

So wait my hair isn’t suppose to fall out like this and I should be able to gain muscle and REALLY I have a food sensitivity to EGGS!!! I eat those every day.

We had two goals in mind to one obviously get my better and two get me better enough to go to Armenia that took us a year to plan, I was getting on that plane. I was seeing my dear friend walk down that aisle.

I started the first round of treatment and within a week I noticeably had more energy.

Today marks my second round of treatment and I can honestly look everyone single person in the eye and say I haven’t felt this good in 4 years. I feel like myself before OP and I cannot say this enough. Get your blood work done and get a damn good doctor. The things we as women say are just normal are NOT normal AND sometimes you are not just “tired”.

Thank you @drsarazare for listening to me thank you so much for getting to the bottom of this.

Never thought I would say this but I am so excited for this second round and YAY I am cleared to do Pilates again ???and walking ? HEY

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